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Tanzania Safari is one of the top rated vacation trip in Africa to experience Wildlife and its natural environment. Tanzania is an ideal destination for tourist looking for a memorable and unforgettable African wilderness experiences. Its home of famous Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, with a distinctive Mount Kilimanjaro which is the tallest mountain in Africa. Tanzania Safari has become very popular due to Serengeti Wildebeest Migration. This migration sees millions of wildebeest accompanied by other different animals like Zebra, Grant’s and Thomson’s Gazelle, Eland and Impala moving together.

You can have variety of safari options depending on your budget and preferences. You can choose for Private Safaris or Join Tanzania Safari Small Group Tour. If you prefer Budget Safaris then Tanzania Safari Small Group Tours is the best option.

While On Tanzania Safari You Can Have Different Accommodation Options.

  • Basic Camping safaris where tourist sleep on public camps with share bathroom facilities
  • Comfort safaris where tourist stays at small lodges and tented camps with en-suite bathroom facilities
  • Luxury safaris where tourist stays in high end lodges and tented camps with luxury facilities.
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Tanzania Safari FAQ's

Best Time For Safari In Tanzania

When is the Best Time for Safari in Tanzania? Best time for safari in Tanzania requires ones preference in different factors such as budget, level of accommodation, weather, and types of wildlife someone wants to spot. Tanzania safari seasons and wildlife numbers are highly influenced by rainfall patterns. However, All seasons when you visit Tanzania parks you will end up with memorable vacation as there many animals all the time

Dry season (June to October):

This is one of the popular Tanzania safari season whereby Tanzania as destination receives many tourist. Many animals gathers in waters sources and this best time to see actions for predators hunting, without missing the great migration in Serengeti.

Intermittent Rains ( November to March ):

This is season where Tanzania receives little rains. You will be capable to spot migratory birds species. The great migration start moving towards southern Serengeti and Ndutu for calving. Around January and February you will see newly born calves.

Green season ( April to May ):

This is time when Tanzania experience heavy rains. Its best season for safari in Tanzania for all tourist who have low budget. You will enjoy your safari as parks will be less populated since its off season.

What To Wear On Safari Tanzania?

Packing right clothing for your Tanzania safari is very important. Proper wearing will make your safari comfortable and more enjoyable. Your wearing preference should focus on destination and weather during your traveling time.

Safari wearing is casual, you don’t have to wear formal clothing.

We advise to avoid bright, dark and white colors as highly attracted to tsetse-fly. Safari clothes should be neutral colors such as khaki, light bark, beige, olive, green, mid-tone brown etc

Make sure that wear loose fitting garments, you can wear different layers to ensure your comfortability while on safari.

Shoes should be appropriate for safari in Tanzania. Proper shoes will protect you from blisters, thorn and stones. You need sandals, waterproof runner shoes. You can also bring flip flop to be used while in room or during showers after safari.

General Tips for What to Wear in Tanzania

  • Be casual and put comfortable clothing while on Tanzania safari
  • During the day its hot, wear light fabrics clothes i.e cotton, linen
  • While on safari wear neutral or less brightly colors i.e khaki, light bark, beige, olive, green, mid-tone brown
  • Avoid blue or black color as their attract tsetse-fly while on safari
  • Early morning and night while on safari can be cold put on warm clothes
  • Put on safari hat to protect from sun
  • Wear comfortable and light shoes while on safari, we recommend trainer shoes, sandals etc

What Not To Take On Tanzania Safari?

  • DON’T PACK heavy boots – Unless you climbing Kilimanjaro mountain, Tanzania safari doesn’t need heavy shoes. Heavy boots will add weight to your luggage as we advise light packing. Also heavy boots will not make you comfortable while on safari. Sandals, sneakers or trail runners are enough for your safari.
  • DON’T pack many of warm clothes – Most of parts in Tanzania are warm. If you will spend most of your time at highlands then you can park a lot of warm clothes. If you have few days in the mountains / highlands just pack few of warm clothes.
  • DON’T bring a lot of  electronics – traveling to Tanzania is very safe for tourists. However, during traveling from one distination to another you comes across many risks that can lead to your belongings get stolen or lost. Just pack only necessary one.
  • DON’T pack mosquito net – Yes, some of the areas in Tanzania have mosquito. But all accommodation will be having mosquito net, you don’t have to pack it.  
  • DON’T BRING expensive jewelry – You don’t have to pack your Jewelry. Their expensive and can get stolen or lost.

Tanzania Safari Cost

Travelling to Tanzania for safari is one of the best package one can plan. Most tourists ask many questions regarding Tanzania Safari Cost. Some people think that cost for safari to Tanzania might be expensive. You can have right cost for your safari when you contact the right operator.

Tanzania Safari Cost is being influenced by so many factors. If you can take a note on these factors and work on them effectively you will end up having a memorable safari in Tanzania with an affordable cost.

Tips For Affordable Tanzania Safari

  • Travel in Small Group Safari: With group safari you will share safari expenses with other members
  • Travel off season. This time of year have less tourist hence you can get best safari deal
  • Choose low budget accommodation: Tanzania have variety of accommodation and all offer best services. Choose low budget accommodation will make your safari cost low.
  • Avoid many nights in the expensive parks:  Spending more days in the expensive park will add more safari cost to your package.  We advise 1 to 2 -nights in Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti for low budget tourist will satisfy your tour.
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