Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park

One of Tanzania’s most exciting dry season destinations, Ruaha National Park has a wild and thrilling atmosphere emanating from its unrestricted wilderness. Offering great action and a range of experiences, the prolific game and predators here will ensure you don’t want to leave this exhilarating park and you are sure to have a fantastic safari experience.

A vast tract of semi-arid bush, this rugged land is in the heart of Tanzania, taking fewer tourists than Selous, or any parks on the Northern Circuit. With just a small percentage of the park visited on the normal tourist trails, a good guide can mean the difference between a good safari and an unbeatable one, taking you into remote and unexplored areas. Being in a transition zone where the southern and eastern species of flora and fauna combine creates a huge variety of landscapes, plants and animals. Miombo woodlands, similar to those in Zambia, give way to open savannah, similar to that of Kenya, for which much of Tanzania is renowned.

Best Time to Visit:

The heat is less intense in the Dry season (May to October), though plenty of dust is kicked up as you move around the park. This is also when the resident animals are more often glimpsed, unable to hide in the sun-withered bush. Safaris can get uncomfortably steamy in the wetter months, and some roads may be inaccessible at this time.


  • Head Out On A Walking Safari
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Showers With A View
  • Drinks Out In The Bush
  • Wild Nights – Night Game Drives
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