Volunteer Safari Programs

Volunteer Safari Programs

July 6, 2015

Bestday Safaris Ltd is dedicated to disseminating information on volunteer work and volunteer-tours programs in Africa. We are also dedicated to organizing a wide range of volunteer work and internship-volunteering programs in Tanzania for individuals and groups of any size.

Bestday Volunteer Programs
Our programs in Tanzania include volunteer work in the area of orphanage assistance, teaching, health care, Christian Religion, Media and Journalism, Law, sports, community development and others. Volunteers can participate in most of the programs anytime all year round.

Who can volunteer with us?
Anybody from any profession or non professional background are accepted to volunteer with us so far as they have the motivation, charisma, initiative, drive and the compassion to assist the underprivileged overcome their challenges and their struggles for dignity.

Volunteers work alongside local professionals. Intern-student-volunteers observe and assist in the work of the local professionals and serve under the supervision of the professionals. People without special skills, professional qualifications, academic knowledge or previous experience can also volunteer in our programs.

Why volunteering with us?
Our work promotes international co-operation, friendship, cross-cultural exposure, cultural immersion, peace, understanding, solidarity and breaks new grounds for sustainable social-economic development through voluntary work and volunteering-internships programs in Tanzania. We therefore welcome you to participate in our programs and we will be honored by your participation.

Please pass on our information to your friends and other prospective and potential volunteers!

Volunteer Safari Programs Frequently Asked Questions