Kilimanjaro Packing List

What’s Packing List for Climbing Mount  Meru?

Mount Meru Climb needs to bring important and proper gear and supplies so that they can be comfortable and safe while climbing. During Meru Climbing you pass through different weathers from warm, humid to cold weather with ice, snow and glaciers.
BestDay Safaris will provide tents, camp equipments such i.e chairs, table, etc, meals, cooking equipments and other communal facilities.

What’s Meru Climbing Gear List?

Below are gear list recommended for Mount Meru Climbing

Mount Meru Clothing

• 4-5 Pairs of Underwear
• Top and Bottom Base Layer
• 3-4 Short Sleeve and
• 1-2 Long Sleeve Trekking Shirts
• 1-2 Pairs of Hiking Trousers
• 1 Polartec Fleece Jacket
• 1 Insulated Winter Jacket
• 1 Insulated Trekking Pants
• 1 Hard Shell Jacket
• Lightweight Raingear



Mount Meru Headgear

• Sun Hat, ideally with a neck cover
• Warm Beanie or Fleece Headband or Balaclava
• Bandana or Neck Gaiter
• Headlamp
• Sunglasses



Mount Meru Hands Gear

• Lightweight Inner Gloves
• Warm Outer Gloves / Mitts
• Adjustable Trekking Poles


Mount Meru Footwear

• Mid-weight Hiking Boots
• Camp Trainers / Trekking Sandals
• 4-5 Pairs of Trekking Socks
• 1-2 Pair of Warm / Thick Trekking Socks


Mount Meru Bags and Daypack

• 80-90L Waterproof Duffle Bag
• 20-30L Daypack
• Daypack Raincover
• Travel Bag Organisers (Optional)


Mount Meru Sleeping Gears

• 4-Season Sleeping Bag
• Insulated Sleeping Mat
• Inflatable Pillow (optional)



Personal Health, Comfort and General Accessories

• Large Volume Water Bottle or Hydration Bladder i.e Camelback or Platypus Hydration Bladder
• Water Purification Tablets
• Wet Baby Wipes
• Sweat Resistant Suncream
• Blister Platers
• Insect Repellant
• General Medications (Paracetamol, Imodium)
• Pee Bottle (optional)
• Energy Bars
• Energy Drink Supplement
• Zip Lock Bags for Important Possessions (Passport, Money etc.)
• Trekking Towel
• Toiletries, including 2-3 roll of toilet paper
• Camera
• GoPro (optional)
• Solar Backpack Charger (optional)
• Spare Batteries and Camera Memory Card
• Kindle with Back Light (optional)
• Passport, Visa, Insurance, Yellow Fever Card (if applicable)

• Small Lock for your Duffle Bag

Climbing Kilimanjaro Gears