Tanzania Safari Best Time of the Year to Visit

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Tanzania Safari Best Time of the Year to Visit

  • 30 May 2021
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Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safari Best Time of the Year to Visit

When should you plan for Tanzania Safari?

The best time to plan for  Tanzania safari depends on variety things depending on your interests.  Almost all seasons within the year when you visit Tanzania you will see a lot of animals in the parks. Most of travelers who visit Tanzania aim to see Serengeti’s great wildebeest migration which is highly influenced by weather. You can choose to plan for your Tanzania Safari to be at Calving Season, Wet Season, Peak Season, or Shoulder Season.

  1. Calving Season ( January to March )

The Calving Season in Tanzania is between January and February. During this time the Great Migration will be at Southern Serengeti and Ndutu Area within Ngorongoro Conservation Area. While on safaris at this season and you will have an experience to see babies for wildebeest and zebras. The exact timing might be challenging but you can plan to do it between mid January to late February.

 2.Rain/ Wet Season ( Mid- March to May) 

  • In Tanzania heavy rains is between March and May. Most of travelers try to avoid heavy rainy seasons in Tanzania without realizing that all major professional photographers from companies like National Geographic and Discovery choose the rainy season to film their stories.
  • This is the time when the natural habitat is at its most colorful, the grass is lush green and, more interesting is that, there will be few groups who will be doing Tanzania Safari during rain season. As result its best time to get top-notch photos.
  • More advantage of traveling during wet season is low cost for the accommodation and safaris packages. For Tanzania Safari tour accommodations is one of the main factor the contribute to high pricing.  But during low / wet season rates goes down and this makes it possible to save all of money in your budgets and at the sometime enjoying comfortability of the best accommodation.
  • The disadvantages of visiting in wet season is poor road conditions and visibility might not be so good.

Tanzania safari

3. High or Peak Season (June to October) 

  • If your interested to see Great Migration at Grumeti and Mara River crossing this is the best time. Tanzania safaris between June and October offers a amazing view of migratory herds of millions of wildebeest, zebra, and other antelope’s species in Serengeti National Park. During this season the parks become really crowded with many tourists.
  • As a normal rule of law for all markets; when demand of product increases also price increases too. It’s this time when accommodation and safari operator’s charge goes high as well. Depending on your budget in during this season you can choose to book Tanzania safaris with accommodation being at Basic Camping, Mid- Range or Luxury lodges and Tented Camps.

4. Shoulder Season (November and December) 

In November to December its short rain season in Tanzania. A shoulder season safari in Tanzania might get hot but with little rains as well. In November the wildebeest herds start migrating again heading south, through western part of Loliondo and the Serengeti National Park’s Lobo area, then returning to the green soft shoots.  The season will be quiet with few tourists that makes it best for taking memorable photos

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