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We can organize your trip to Zanzibar beaches in a special way depending on your budget and availability of time. Just send to us the number of days which your expecting to spend at Zanzibar, then we will prepare the best itinerary that will suit your trip. These are attractions that can be found in Zanzibar island.

Spice tours - Muscat, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, ginger and other spices and fruits so exotic that they don't have an English name,  can be explored in the many plantations.

The slave chambers - The underground slave chambers in Mangapwani was the center of the illegal slave trade up to until 1909.

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Persian baths - On the highest point of the island, Kidichi, the sultan Sayyind Said built Persian baths in 1850, one for him and one for his wife. They are still in a good condition with splendid Persian architecture, so a visit here will be more than worth your time.

Prison Island - In the middle of this island,  you will find the remains of an old prison built in 1893. Half an hour by boat, you pay a modest fee to enter the island, which is ideal for snorkeling and watching giant turtles, imported from the Seychelles at the end of the century.

Jozani Forest - The only remaining natural forest on Zanzibar, where the rare red guerexa monkeys habituate. The best time to go to Jozani is in the early morning hours, when the monkeys are active.

Swimming with dolphins - Taking place in the southern part of the island, the boat ride is long, and you are not guaranteed to find dolphins, but when you finally do, and if you get the chance to join them in the water, it will be an extraordinary experience. 

Deep sea fishing  
Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia are excellent islands for sports fishing. Do as Ernest Hemingway and catch sailfish, mackerel, kingfish and marlin among others.

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Coral reefs, tropical fish and clear water make this area ideal for scuba diving. Take a diving course, get your certificate and jump in the Indian Ocean.

Sailing and water sports
Windsurfing and sailing are popular activities, and can be organized in many places.
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