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Terms and conditions.


 Interpretations, in these standard terms and conditions of contract:

a. the headings to the clauses are for reference purposes only and shall not aid in the interpretation of the clauses to which they relate

b. “the client” means the person / s named on the safari booking form (whether it be a provisional or confirmed safari booking form ) and who contracts with BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD on the terms and conditions hereunder. The client shall also include any agent who makes any booking of third party clients in respect of a safari booking. Such agent, as well as the persons named on the provisional and the confirmed safari booking form, shall be jointly and severally liable to BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD for the performance of their obligations in terms of these standard trading conditions, as well as any contract /s made pursuant thereto.

c. "member / s" means any BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD Senior Office Management Staff

d.. “services” means the provision of hotel/lodge bookings, transfers, car hire, offers on tours and excursions for the client in Tanzania and Kenya. Such services include, but shall not be limited to the procurement by BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD, acting solely as agent for the client, with third party service providers, of hotel, lodge, backpackers’ and bed and breakfast accommodation, National Park Reservations, car hire and transfer reservations, air charter reservations, the procurement of reservations with any air or land carriers, scheduled departure safari reservations, set departure tour reservations, day tours, excursions and adventure activities reservations, and shall include any other services incidental to the a foregoing

1.1 To secure a provisional reservation for the services required by a client, the client shall complete in writing and dispatch to BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD a provisional safari booking reservation form. Simultaneously, the client shall pay BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD a non-refundable deposit of 50% (Fifty percent) of the quoted cost for the services. In the event of the deposit not being paid aforesaid, the provisional booking shall lapse. Client must provide the correct names of client/s and for tours and/or safaris, required are the clients full name, nationality, full address and flight arrivals details. Upon receipt by BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD of the balance of the monies due from the client 60 days prior to departure, the provisional booking shall be confirmed.

1.2 The client shall advise BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD in writing on the booking reservation form of any special requests, needs or facilities required by him due to medical needs, requirements relating to disabilities, special dietary requirements and refrigeration for the storage of insulin and other medically prescribed drugs, and any other requirements incidental thereto. The costs of complying with such special requests, needs or facilities shall be borne by the client and payable on demand.
1.3 The client shall be provided similar option in case a tour, hotel or lodge is fully booked.

2.1 All quotations given by BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD in connection with the services to a client for the acts and omissions of the relevant third party suppliers concerned shall be in writing and, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by a member of BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD, shall be in the currency of United States Dollar. Such quotations shall be inclusive of Tanzania's value added tax (where applicable).

Acceptance of any quotation by a client shall be in writing. BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD reserves the right to amend and increase any quotation, even after acceptance by the client, in the event of any adverse currency fluctuations, increases in Government or Statutory levies, increases levied by third party suppliers, such as airlines, providers of accommodation and entry fees and other third party suppliers, in respect of the services.

2.2 Any revision in quotes will be commensurate with the change in the currency exchange rates or the increase in the amounts payable. In the event of the client disputing the quantum of such increase, it shall be referred forthwith to the accounting officer of BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD for determination, who, in such determination, shall act as expert and not as arbitrator, and whose decision shall be final, conclusive and binding on BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD and the client, and accordingly not subject to appeal.

2.3 All payments to be made by a client to BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD shall be free of exchange, deduction or set-off or whatsoever nature. Payments shall be made by the client to BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD by way of cash, direct transfer, forex transfer or by credit card. A 5% surcharges apply for Traveller's Cheques & Credit Card Payments. The client shall provide BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD forthwith, upon making any payment, with written proof thereof in the form of a deposit slip, remittance advice or credit card authorization form. The relevant reference  for the safari booking shall at all times be reflected on the proof of payment.

4.4 All payments due by a client to BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD shall be made not later than 5 working days after confirmation of a safari booking by a client.
4.5 Although BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD strives to ensure that all rates displayed on sites are correct and accurate, it reserves the right to request additional payments from clients, should properties which have seasonal/ special event rates, charge such rates. Certain properties/ property groups, make rate changes at their discretion, and at short notice. Any additional costs for such changes shall be payable to BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD, on demand.

All the transport, game drive and transfers within Tanzania or Kenya in accordance to the detailed itinerary communicated prior between client and BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD, accommodations in a lodge and/or hotel, park fees, crater services, armed ranger salary in case of walking safari within the park, BESTDAY driver guide, cook in case of a camping safari, packed lunch boxes, mineral water in case of picnic lunches, camping fees in case of camping safaris. 

4.1 Cancellations of confirmed bookings may only take place according to the procedure outlined in this clause. All requests for cancellations shall be made by the client in writing to BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD and shall only be effective on the date of actual receipt by BESTDAY SAFARIS. The following cancellation fees shall be applicable and shall be calculated by reference to the total cost of the services booked for by the client.

BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD entitled to act as agent or principal with regard to the provision of the services.
59 days or more notice 75 percent of the Total Cost shall be refunded

58 - 49 days notice is given 50 percent of the Total Cost shall be refunded

48 - 42 days notice is given 25 percent of the Total Cost shall be refunded

41 - 35 days or less notice given no refund of the Total Cost shall be made

4.2 (i) No refunds shall however be made to clients who make bookings less than 35 days prior to embarkation (for this purpose, embarkation shall mean the date on which a client is booked to commence travel or to commence an excursion for which the services are booked which ever is the greater), nor shall refunds be given to clients who arrive early, late or who do not show for a booking. In the event of a client during the course of a booking terminating it for whatever reason, no refund shall be made unless with the prior written approval of a member of BESTDAY SAFARIS.

Clients are therefore strongly recommended to obtain their own comprehensive travel insurance to cover such contingencies.

4.2 (ii) BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD reserves the right to change or cancel any confirmed booking reservation at any time without prior notice of which the refund will be 100%

4.3 Any cancellations made, in terms of these standard trading conditions shall be subject to the following deductions and administrative charges:

Refunds to credit cards: the relevant cancellation fee, less a 5 percent credit card surcharge and a 50US$ administrative charge.

Direct bank deposits: the relevant cancellation fee, less actual bank charges debited by BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD bankers, less a 50US$ administrative charge.

Forex transfers: the relevant cancellation fee, less actual bank charges debited by BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD bankers, less a 50US$ administrative charge.

Cash payments: the relevant administration charges, less actual bank charges debited by BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD bankers, less a 50US$ administrative charge.


5.1 The client shall be responsible for arranging and effecting adequate insurance cover to ensure that he carries comprehensive travel and medical insurance cover in order to cover himself, his dependants and / or travelling companions for the duration of the booking for which he has reserved. This insurance cover should include cover in respect of, but not limited to, as a minimum, the following eventualities: any expenses associated with cancellation or curtailment of a safari booking reservation; emergency evacuation and medical expenses; personal injury, repatriation expenses; damage / theft / loss of personal baggage, money and goods.

5.2 Under no circumstances shall BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD, its representatives, employees or members be responsible for any costs, losses incurred or suffered by a client, his dependants or travelling companions with regard to, but not limited to, the above eventualities. Clients will be charged direct for any emergency evacuation, repatriation and medical expenses be the relevant service providers and shall be obliged to settle such charges payable to the relevant service providers concerned.

No variation or alteration of these standard terms and conditions of contract shall be binding on BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD unless embodied in a written document signed by a member of BESTDAY SAFARIS LTD. Any purported variation or alteration of these standard terms and conditions of contract otherwise than as set out above shall be of no force or effect, whether such purported variation is written or oral, or a combination of both.

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